Report: How the COVID-19 crisis shines a spotlight on communications

Many communicators say they are getting newfound respect in their organizations, but the crisis is also adding to heavy workloads and complicating workflows with remote collaboration.

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Organizations are leaning heavily on their communicators.

Whether its an external or internal message—and in today’s world there’s often not much difference—the communications team is crucial for engaging key audiences and honing messages for appropriate tone and cadence.

Communicators on the internal side have become crucial for connecting newly remote teams and helping to preserve culture and other intangibles that are part of the workplace. They’re helping CEOs deliver tough and uplifting news.

In fact, the C-suite is who communicators are working with the most, according to a new report from Ragan Communications, “COVID-19’s Impact on Communications.” Sixty-seven percent say they are partnering most closely with the C-suite since the pandemic hit. In fact, a majority of respondents (54%) say leaders have an increased appreciation for communicators’ value and 53% report having a seat at the table.

The report also reveals the No. 1 way to reach employees during this time, what’s working best, and much more. We asked more than 400 communicators how they have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. They share some of their top challenges, lessons learned and areas of focus in a free download you can use right away.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Top communications channels and collaboration tools
  • How crisis plans are being adapted and revisited
  • Employee engagement tactics that work
  • Anticipated changes to business operations

Download your free copy of the report here.


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