Report: Visual and mobile marketing more important than ever

Recent reports show online video and picture engagement are growing dramatically, and social media platforms are seeking to guide marketers to success.

If brand managers or execs aren’t fully convinced that visual content geared to mobile devices is the way to go, recent data might finally turn skeptics into believers.

Snapchat’s “Discover” feature, which was launched at the end of January, has been “driving millions of page views per day for its publishing partners,” according to TechCrunch.

That’s not all the new feature is doing. Data released Monday morning from analytics firm 7Park Data revealed that mobile data consumption for an average U.S. Snapchat user grew from about 100 megabytes per week (before the launch of “Discover”) to now more than 600 megabytes per week. U.K. users now consume more than 400 megabytes weekly.

It’s not all about pictures, either. Marketing Land reported 72 percent of ad agencies think online video advertising is just as effective as—if not more than—television advertising, according to a recent BrightRoll survey.

The 120 agencies surveyed said client interest in video ads grew nearly 89 percent over the last three years, and 60 percent of the agencies said they expect mobile video ads will receive the biggest budget increase in 2015. Another 48 percent felt video ads on desktops would receive an influx of marketing dollars.

Those numbers correlate with Facebook’s Feb. 24 report that more than 2 million businesses are using the social network’s advertising services.

Facebook highlighted those numbers by announcing a new Ads Manager app, which will help marketers manage, monitor and create Facebook ads.

A pervasive trend

Facebook is not the only social network offering new features to help meet the needs of brand managers and help them stay on top of social media marketing.

Along with Snapchat’s “Discover” feature, Pinterest and Tumblr now offer promoted pins and features for longer Tumblr posts. Medium also recently announced a new editor for shorter posts, and LinkedIn added a notification center for company pages.

With LinkedIn’s recent update, community managers can now get an overview of how many “likes,” comments and shares the company page has received, along with every public mention of your company on the platform. Users can also “like” and comment on company mentions as a company representative, not as an individual LinkedIn member.

These features offer marketers and community managers more efficient or effective ways to use the social media platforms, and some—such as LinkedIn’s new dashboard—offer metrics to help measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

If the social networks don’t offer the necessary tools and features themselves, outside companies might step up instead. Wisemetrics is a social media campaign optimization tool, and according to TechCrunch, marketers paid an average of 30 percent less for Facebook ads after using the service.

What do you think, PR Daily readers? Will these new numbers and features encourage you to market on these social media platforms?

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