‘RIPTwitter’ goes viral after users learn of timeline redesign

A Buzzfeed article caused a Twitter uproar over the weekend after it leaked information of a proposed change to the way tweets show up in users’ timelines. 

Twitter is having a tough time controlling its message. So much so, the brand’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, chimed in online to quell fears from hundreds of thousands of tweets.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the struggling social platform would be moving from its traditional reverse-chronological ordered timeline to a more Facebook-style algorithm.

“The timeline will reorder tweets based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks people most want to see,” Buzzfeed reported. “[It’s] a departure from the current feed’s reverse chronological order.”

After the article went live on Feb. 5, the hashtag, “RIPTwitter” began trending. Most notably, a handful of celebrities weighed in with their disapproval:

On Feb. 6, Dorsey hopped on his platform and addressed the controversy in a series of tweets. He did not deny the validity of Buzzfeed’s report.

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