Shocase aims to be a social network for PR and marketing pros

The creators of the new social media platform just for communication pros tout the “best of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube.” 

Marketers and PR pros rejoice: There’s a new social network just for you.

Shocase, a social media community for communication and marketing professionals, sales promotion professionals, advertisers, researchers and designers launched Wednesday morning.

“There are 100-plus million marketing professionals across the globe,” says Ron Young, Shocase’s founder and CEO. “Until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated social network to let this massive group get noticed, stay informed and build business.”

Individual PR and marketing pros can join Shocase, as can communications and marketing agencies. Both can hone news feed and network recommendations by selecting a particular area of interest—or users can sign up for all topics.

Shocase’s news feed looks similar to Facebook or Ello, but is designed to show users news and trends in their respective industries. Follower suggestions are lined up next to the news feed, which enables individuals to explore PR and marketing specialists’ profiles.

Users can showcase their work on the social media platform in a manner similar to LinkedIn, with a healthy dose of Pinterest.

Users can upload PDFs and images, and embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, Soundcloud files and SlideShare presentations.

As an added bonus, Young says Shocase has business features that enable users or agencies to send items—such as a design sample or press release—to others on the network, potentially making quick work of landing new gigs.

Some PR and marketing pros may wonder how Shocase is different from other professional social networks, such as LinkedIn. Others may question how many communicators will actually join the network, or what they can get out of it that they don’t already get from other platforms.

Young says, “Shocase integrates the best features of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube,” and the social media platform is “designed to feature, connect and promote” a specific set of marketing and PR professionals.

As for its community, the platform has been in “stealth mode” for a year and already has marketers and PR pros such as Steve Hayden, vice chairman for Ogilvy & Mather, and Nathan Jacroux, Edelman’s senior vice president.

Shocase is also looking promising to investors, who valued the social network at $40 million prior to Shocase’s second round of funding, according to Young. Executives have raised $17 million so far.

What do you think, PR Daily readers? Will you sign up for Shocase? Will it flourish like Facebook or flounder like some other social networks?


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