Six media giants control 90 percent of the content we consume (infographic)

Ah, the illusion of choice. You have to see this eye-opening graphic.

Are you in to independent films? You probably enjoy the Focus Features studio, which prides itself on its indie credentials. Focus Features is owned by GE.

What about music? Are you a hip-hop fan, who can’t stand the sound of country music? You might be surprised to learn that Viacom owns BET and CMT (and MTV).

The world of media conglomerates can be a confusing one. The vast majority of media we consume—on TV, in the theater, on the Web, and in print—is owned by six media companies: GE, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

Learn more about media consolidation in this infographic from Frugal Dad:

(via FastCodeDesign)


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