Small social media followings have high engagement rates

It’s the quality, not the quantity that counts when it comes to engaged audiences on Instagram and Twitter, says a new study.

You can scoff all you want at terms like “micro-influencer,” but smaller followings on platforms like Instagram and Twitter offer better returns on your efforts.

The key is the engagement rate, or the number of followers that interact with your content. This study from Influencer Marketing Hub shares how different-sized followings engage.

Interestingly, Instagram has a better engagement rate than Twitter.

What platforms are the most important for your influencer marketing efforts, PR Daily readers?


2 Responses to “Small social media followings have high engagement rates”

    Mercy says:

    Hi Ted, Kitterman, Recently, Facebook groups are doing an awesome job by providing the best platform to connect and engage with like-minded bloggers. Also, Twitter is the best platform to connect with the right people to increase traffic and sales with high engagement rates quickly.

    sakshi mehra says:

    Both Instagram and Facebook play a great role in increasing the reach of local business. And as you said, content is important to keep the users engaged in your website.

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