Social media tips from GM’s Mary Barra and other top leaders

How should your executive team use online platforms? This download offers insight into how some of the world’s biggest names use their channels to tell stories.

Social media has changed how businesses connect with consumers.

The change is so profound that many business leaders are now trying to retrain themselves for a media market that demands transparency, humor, perseverance and more. The change has empowered some organizations, but others have struggled to get their leaders to fully embrace these interactive channels.

If you have questions about how your executives should be using their social media feeds to build personal brands, attract consumers and encourage online buzz, look no further.

This download from Meltwater offers key takeaways from the social media strategies and techniques of eight high-profile business leaders, including:

  • Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors
  • Angela Ahrendts, senior VP, Apple Retail
  • Anne Wojciki, CEO and co-founder, 23andMe
  • Marisa Thalberg, global chief brand officer, Taco Bell
  • Tom Herbst, head of global marketing, The North Face

Download the full report to discover what makes their content successful and learn how these executives use their personal channels for organizational success.

Strive Masiyiwa, executive chairman and founder of Econet Group, for instance, blurs the line between professional and personal updates. He writes all his Facebook posts himself using images and captions that are well over 300 words.

Angela Ahrendts, senior VP of Apple Retail, uses storytelling to develop emotional connections, as evidenced by seemingly small tweets that come across as captivating.

In addition, savvy tactics covered include:

  • Offering thought leadership on channels like LinkedIn
  • Championing a cause
  • Advocating for transparency in business
  • Supporting grassroots social movements

To get specific examples and develop your own social media strategy for your executive team, download the full report.


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