Southwest and JetBlue exchange words on Twitter

The two most popular airlines on Twitter had a friendly chat Thursday night—and it elicited praise from their followers.

Call it plane talk: The two most-popular airlines on Twitter engaged in conversation last night.

They discussed hip-hop music, Guitar Hero, scrapbooking, and the nature of the brands’ friendship on social media.

Not only did the exchange prove amusing, but it also elicited praise from followers of the account.

Brooks Thomas, a communications specialist at Southwest and one of the voices behind the airline’s Twitter account, said that playing well with others on social media makes the job more enjoyable and the completion more intense.

“People sometimes forget when you work in the same industry you share a similar passion for what you do with your competitors,” he told PR Daily. “We all get along and admire the great things each other does, and playing nice oftentimes makes the competition more fierce, and certainly more fun to play in.”

A report out this week named JetBlue and Southwest the two most-popular airlines on Twitter.

Here’s how the epic exchange began:

On Thursday night, frequent flier Phoenix Robles tweeted:

The @JetBlue airlines account noticed the tweet and offered this reply, which mentions competitor @SouthwestAir:

From here, the two Twitter accounts launch into a conversation more akin to a debate between friends than staid tweets from a corporate account. Here’s a sample—it’s important to note that B96 is the name of a pop/hip-hop radio station in Chicago:

As the conversation unfolded, several Twitter users took note and jumped in. One person asked:

To which @JetBlue replied:

Southwest responded:

In the end, several Twitter users praised the airlines for their conversation. One person tweeted:

It’s some amusing stuff coming from brand accounts, though it’s something that becoming more common in the Twittersphere. For instance, Taco Bell and Old Spice engaged in a brief, humorous conversation on Twitter in July:


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