Spirit Airlines releases ‘State of the Hate’ report

The much-maligned airline embraced the hate and asked disgruntled travelers to explain their dissatisfaction in exchange for frequent flier miles.

If you’ve ever flown fee-happy Spirit Airlines, you probably know that it’s the absolute worst.

Several times, small talk at conferences, weddings and other I-flew-in-for-this events has come to the following:

Person 1: “I flew Spirit Airlines.”

Person 2: “I’m so sorry. Is everything OK?”

At least Spirit knows that people hate it, and the company isn’t afraid to use that in a weird, reverse-psychology marketing campaign.

The company offered 8,000 frequent flier miles to customers to tell them what they hate about flying (hate-thousand miles; get it?). It got 28,205 responses. As you might imagine, (as they were the ones asking for it) Spirit received the most hate (40 percent) of any airline.

Spirit created an infographic of the results, including a breakdown of all the bad words used.

The airline also tell people at the end of the infographic to visit spirit.com/101 “for tips on how to fly hate-free.”

And just to be clear, Spirit doesn’t want you to think of its fees as “fees.” Rather, they’re “options.” Some of the respondents to this survey would say it’s a good thing there are other “options” when it comes to airlines.

What do you think of Spirit’s “yup, people hate us” approach? It’s an attention grabber, but will it woo new customers or help Spirit’s reputation?


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