Statistics to punch up your content marketing game

If you’re not creating and distributing content to your audience, you’re missing out. These numbers can help you sell the tactic to your boss or client.

Making a case for deeper investment in content marketing has never been easier.

Nearly every statistic you read shows that organizations that do content marketing the right way are reaping rewards.

Perhaps that’s why 70 percent of B2B marketers said they would spend more on content marketing in 2017 than compared to last year—and why 73 percent of their B2C counterparts said they would drop more on content marketing this year compared to last.

Organizations are looking to spend more on content marketing efforts because they’re getting better at it. A reported revealed that the majority of B2B (62 percent) and B2C marketers (63 percent) say they are more successful with content marketing now than they were a year ago.

Content marketing has become so ubiquitous that only 11 percent of B2B and 14 percent of B2C marketers say they don’t currently use the tactic—and more than half of those who don’t currently employ it say they plan to do so in the future.

It’s not enough just to add content marketing to your campaigns and strategies, however. How you create content and how much you invest in the practice also matters.

For more on that (and a bevy of other handy content marketing stats to bolster your pitch to your boss or client), check out this PointVisible infographic:


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