At the Movies: How to Write Like a Hollywood Screenwriter to Move Audiences

Emotive writing skills, structure and visual storytelling secrets of the pros


Your journey begins with an engaging online course led by UCLA screenwriting professor Tim Albaugh and internal communications strategist Brandon Daniels. Consider Tim and Brandon your virtual screenwriting Sherpas, who will use engaging and interactive modules, to show the intricacies of screenwriting and how it relates to corporate communication.

At the movies: The storytelling secrets of Hollywood revealed

Presented by UCLA professor Tim Albaugh and Internal communications strategist, Brandon Daniels

Learn the three pillars of successful storytelling for the silver screen. You'll study movies like "The Sixth Sense" to learn the finer points of story, structure, character and conflict. A discussion of current movies will further enhance the workshop and provide insights into the parts that make up the whole—so you, too, can connect with audiences emotionally. See how the screenwriting and storytelling foundations apply to internal and external corporate communications. You'll learn how to use the Hero's Journey and story structures to write (and deliver) more compelling speeches and presentations, script and shoot videos that win over audiences, and more. These skills will help you become your organization's most confident—and competent—visual storyteller.

You'll learn:

  • What makes a classic film? A checklist to evaluate films and improve your work
  • Understanding Pillar One: Story, three-act structure and the 12 stages of the Hero's Journey—essential templates, skills and lessons from "The Sixth Sense" and "Up"
  • Understanding Pillar Two: Character arcs, development, heroes, villains and supporting characters—practical insights from "Iron Man" and "Being John Malkovich"
  • Understanding Pillar Three: Conflict as the engine that drives all stories—lesson-implicit takeaways from "I Love You, Man" and "TBD"
  • Bonus: Transform your communications with visual writing—how to capture eyes and hearts with propulsive action lines, compelling dialog and dynamic descriptions
  • Connect with audiences: Add emotional storytelling to your daily work
  • Brand journalism: Find Hero's Journey stories in your own organization
  • How to draft and deliver more powerful speeches and presentations
  • How to produce amazing videos for internal or social media audiences alike
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