Infographics and Data Visualization on Demand


Session 1

5 tips to become a data visualization expert

Data visualization helps you make large quantities of data coherent and interesting. Betsey DiSanza, a visual communications expert at Kforce, will share her knowledge and insights on how to use data visualization for corporate communications. She'll give tips to help you sift through huge spreadsheets of data to build a vivid narrative that will engage your audience. Learn how to use this effective tool to tell stories more clearly than ever before.

You'll learn how to:

  • Understand the data you'd like to use.
  • Discover. Identify the key data findings you want to convey.
  • Expand. Determine how can you use data to engage the audience and emphasize salient points.
  • Let the data tell a story.
  • Teach. Craft visuals that help your audience learn and retain information better than words alone can do.
Client presentation guru and content creator
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Session 2

Writers and designers: Want a great infographic? Time to collaborate.

Here's the problem: Writers gather a bunch of facts, dump them on designers and instruct them to "do their magic." Here's another scenario: Designers create a concept, with little knowledge of the story, and wait for the writers to "give them some copy" to fill the empty spaces. In both cases, everyone's disappointed with the infographic, especially the audience. The secret lies in collaboration. In this one-hour virtual presentation Ragan Consulting Group infographics instructor Bob Zeni, will show you how to blend wordcrafting skills and a designer's talents to create persuasive, storytelling infographics that grab your audience.

You'll learn how to perform these crucial steps:

  • Take time to plan, and begin with a strong story concept.
  • Take advantage of how writers and designers think differently—and put their complementary skills to work.
  • Help your writers and designers understand—and respect—each other.
  • Build a successful infographic, detailing the tasks of writer and designer at each step.
  • And more!
Design and infographics specialist
Ragan Consulting Group
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Session 3

Design and publish infographics that get results

Infographics are powerful communication tools, yet most are poorly designed, so they never fulfill their potential. Compelling infographic design is just half the battle, though; next you must publish, promote and share them across your key communications channels—including your website, social media, blogs and mainstream media. This session will walk you through techniques to optimize your infographics for SEO and social media, create an infographic landing page, execute an outreach strategy to influencers, and give you new ways to track and prove ROI for your infographics.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Crucial design decisions for creating successful infographics
  • Key steps to publish and promote your infographics
  • How to optimize infographics for search
  • Why—and how—to build an infographic landing page
  • And more!
Instructor, infographics design
Southern Methodist University
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