Studies: People read promoted articles, but don’t retain info

It’s a good news/bad news situation for the current state of content marketing, which more and more organizations are identifying as a priority.

The next time you’re in a meeting and someone suggests a “sponsored” or “promoted” article, instead of rolling your eyes, cite a recent HubShout study. The upshot is people might read that stuff, but they don’t retain it. Of readers surveyed, 68 percent said they had read a sponsored or promoted article on the internet. However, 62 of those that had read one could not recall what the last sponsored story they read was about or who sponsored it. Despite this, more than half of respondents (52 percent) said they find equal value in a sponsored article versus a non-sponsored article. In other words, don’t feel bad that they’re not retaining your content—they’re probably not remembering much of what they consume on the web. The news isn’t all bad for content marketers. Contently just came out with its “State of Content Marketing” report, and as you might expect, its state is strong.

In terms of top priorities in digital marketing, content marketing and social media (36 percent apiece) are identified as the top priorities for organizations in 2014. (Image via)


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