Study: 87 percent of journalists want their press releases via e-mail

They’re also more likely to cover a story if a pitch includes high-resolution images.

If you’re e-mailing journalists your press releases, continue what you’re doing—but try to include a high-resolution image, a new study advises.

The study, by PWR New Media, surveyed 200 journalists, the majority of whom work for print outlets.

According to the study, 91 percent of journalists said that having easy access to relevant background, bios, and supporting information is very important when researching a story. Eighty-seven percent said high-res images are very important, and 76 percent cited verbiage from a press release.

The study noted that 79 percent of journalists were either “much more likely” or “likely” to cover a story if it included high-res images. Twenty-one percent said it had no impact.

When asked how they prefer to receive press releases, 87 percent said e-mail is the best way. Online newsrooms were a distant second at 3.5 percent, and 0 percent (that would be nobody) said they want to receive press releases via wire service or fax.

PWR New Media is a marketing firm that specializes in new-media press releases and e-marketing—something to consider when digesting the results of its study.


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