Study: 90 percent of marketers aren’t confident in content metrics

As it turns out, ‘brand awareness’ is pretty difficult to measure in any kind of standardized way.

You know that stellar piece of content that you crafted and deployed recently? There’s a very good chance you don’t know how to measure its effectiveness. A new Contently study reveals that a full 90 percent of marketers are uncertain that their content metrics effectively measure performance. That’s staggering when you think about it. There are a ton of people out there creating content, and most of them aren’t confident that they know how to tell whether it’s working. That may be because “brand awareness” is such a nebulous thing to try to understand and measure. Meanwhile, 73 percent of respondents in the study identified brand awareness as the whole reason they put out the content in the first place. How are you measuring your content’s effectiveness? And are you confident that those metrics paint a full picture of how you’re doing? (Image via)


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