Study: Facebook ads do better when they tell a story

Research from Facebook and Adaptly found that ‘sequencing’ advertisements resulted in a lot more interest than a hit-and-run approach.

Advertising on Facebook has become a divisive subject. If you want people to see your content, these days you have to pay for that right since the company has sunk organic reach for brands. And if you’re going to pay for that content, you’d better be telling a compelling story. That’s the upshot of a recent study from Facebook, which partnered with Adaptly to take a look at what works when it comes to paid content on Facebook. The fashion website Refinery29 ran two campaigns. One was a call-to-action campaign and the other ran some “sequenced” ads that told the brand story. From analyzing the two campaigns, Facebook and Adaptlly came to the following conclusions:

• There was an 87 percent increase in landing page visits for posts that told the brand story. • There was a 56 percent increase in subscription rates for the posts that told the brand story.

The report offers these two recommendations for social media marketers:

• Consider testing a “sequenced” marketing message, even if the goal is direct-response, to improve the results that matter to the campaign or the brand. • Adjust the message depending on what people know about the brand. Brands that enjoy a higher level of awareness may be able to focus more on purchase intent and conversion than a brand that is less well known.

You can read more about the study on the Facebook blog. (image via)


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