Study: Overusing Facebook hashtags correlates with less interaction

A study from the firm Socialbakers found that posts that use only one or two hashtags get more than three times the interactions that posts with 10 or more.

When I heard Facebook was going to start incorporating hashtags into its platform last summer, I immediately thought it was stupid. Then, when I started seeing them pop up, I thought it was stupid. After incorporating them into some of my brand posts, I still think they’re the absolute worst A recently study from the firm Socialbakers agrees seems to with me: Hashtag overuse on Facebook will actually hurt your brand, according to a sampling of 200,000 brand posts. Posts that use one or two hashtags see more interactions per post (593) than those that incorporate more hashtags. Use 10 or more hashtags in a single post, and that number drops to 188 interactions. Which brings me to one of the reasons Facebook hashtags are stupid: There are people out there representing brands who are using 10 or more hashtags in a post.

Click here for more on the study and its results, which will help you justify a sparing use of hashtags on Facebook. Here’s Socialbakers’ own advice:

Keep your Tweets, Posts, Instagrams, and Vines on a spare hashtag diet, and you’ll be just fine. Including too many, and you might see your users turning away from your content, regardless of its quality.


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