Study: PR manager is the seventh most ‘overrated’ job

It’s stressful and the field is crowded, says the study’s authors. Meanwhile, No. 1 on this dubious list is advertising executive.

Public relations is an overrated job.

That’s what the jobs website is saying in its recent study that ranks the 12 most overrated careers.

PR manager is No. 7 on the list. According to CareerCast:

“Stress levels on public relations managers are among the highest of all careers because of demanding media, audience and clients. The pursuit of jobs is also competitive. Public relations also is among the most common majors for recent college graduates, adding more competition into the candidate pool.”

The median salary, it noted, is $92,156, with projected growth of 21 percent.

In another study this year, CareerCast called PR the seventh most-stressful job; it was No. 2 in 2011. (Perhaps that’s why a Dunkin’ Donuts study said PR is also among the most-caffeinated professions.)

Among overrated jobs, advertising agency executive was No. 1.

CareerCast interviewed an ad guy, who said he pursued a job in this sector following an internship at a PR firm. “True public relations is a dying art, and I was worried about getting a good job,” he said.

See the full list here.

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