Swedish train operator names new line ‘Trainy McTrainface’

The moniker came from a poll of Swedish citizens and nabbed 49 percent of the votes. It’s not the first time the organization has embraced jokes, however.

Move over, Boaty McBoatface: There’s a new kid in town.

You might have thought you saw the end of public naming contests when the United Kingdom’s Natural Environment Research Council named its ship the RSS Sur Richard Attenborough, despite a majority of people voting to name it Boaty McBoatface.

The lesson clearly was not learned, because Sweden’s MTR Express will have a train in its fleet named Trainy McTrainface.

The name won out by a large margin in an online vote that was co-sponsored by Swedish newspaper Metro.

Business Insider reported:

“People all over the world have stand up for Boaty and Trainy. Unfortunately, Boaty got snubbed from winning in the UK despite the public’s enormous support. We have let the people’s will decide,” Peder Osterkamp, Chief Commercial Officer at MTR Express, told reporters.

Trainy McTrainface will serve riders on the Stockholm-Gothenburg line.

MTR took a different approach than UK’s Natural Environmental Research Council by embracing the silly moniker, but it isn’t the first time the organization will have a joke-themed train name.

The Guardian reported:

Another is named Glenn, after a long-running joke that everyone in Gothenburg is called Glenn. The joke has a basis in fact: the name is particularly common in the city and its surrounding area, with its popularity stemming from the 1980s, when local football team IFK Göteborg had four players all called Glenn in its lineup. Forty-three per cent of voters supported the name Glenn.

Trainy McTrainface beat runners up Hakan, Miriam and Poseidon.


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