T-Mobile CEO tweets apology after comparing competitors to rapists

Outspoken exec John Legere said ‘sometimes I need a filter’ after people complained about his remarks.

In its recent ads, T-Mobile has painted itself as the mobile phone provider that gives its customers freedom from contracts. It has used striking comparisons—including a pair of animated hands breaking shackles—to make that point. Now, company CEO John Legere has taken it a step further, and for many critics, it was a step too far. In remarks at a Wednesday night presentation unveiling two new programs—free streaming music and a test-drive program—Legere said, “These high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have, if they could do something nice for you they would. The f—ckers hate you.” It wasn’t his f-bomb that set off a wave of backlash, but the comparison between T-Mobile’s “duopolist” competitors, AT&T and Verizon, and rapists.

Some even asked rapper Macklemore, who has performed at T-Mobile events, to stop associating himself with the company.

Legere did apologize for the remarks Thursday afternoon in a series of tweets.

The responses to those tweets are largely supportive of Legere—many people piped up simply to say they weren’t offended—though a few said they won’t be using T-Mobile any time soon. You can hear Legere’s remarks in the video below at around the 1:12 mark. (Warning: There is some NSFW language.)


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