That sh*t cray: The most emailed curse words of 2012

Our online communication is turning to [expletive]. Plus, an ill-conceived gun show ad, curiously funny fortune cookies, never order ketchup on a Philly cheese at Subway, the best of Biden swearing-in the new Congress, and more.

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“_ _ _ _ is a four-letter word.” As a kid, I never understood the meaning behind this phrase. Our language was abound with words of various lengths. What was so special about those with four letters? My name had four letters. Was I special? My mom always said so. In fact, my mom was prone to a few four-letter words that I’d later learn were the ones to which the idiom refers—vulgarity that has since invaded our online communication. But which four-letter words were the most-used in email in 2012? According to a yearlong study from Cue, that honor goes to “sh*t,” which accounted for 41 percent of all emailed swear words. The F-bomb came in second (37 percent), followed by “damn” (15 percent), and “b*tch” (6 percent).

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