The 10 best countries to live and work

Thinking (or fantasizing) about going abroad? Consult this infographic.

A few years ago, my wife and I honeymooned to Spain. After one week in the country, I demanded that we stay, forever. Family and friends could come visit; our stuff could be shipped; our jobs—to hell with them.

One week later we came home.

Maybe that was a good thing. Not only is Spain stricken with economic turmoil, but also it didn’t make this list of the 10 best countries to live and work. The top place on the list—which is based on a variety of surveys—is Singapore. The U.S. is No. 6; Australia and the U.K. are Nos. 5 and 10, respectively.

Here’s an infographic from Infographic Labs explaining the list of cities. Although despite what it says, I’d still rather be in Spain:


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