The 10 companies where millennials want to work

Apple and Google are the list. So is Goldman Sachs.

Today’s college graduates should feel lucky to find any job immediately after stepping off campus considering the uncertain economic climate.

Although perhaps as a sign that things are improving, we’re seeing studies like this from Universum: America’s Ideal Employers 2012.

The study ranks the companies that undergrads most want to work for based on nearly 60,000 responses. The rankings are separated by field of study, including business, engineering, IT, natural sciences and arts/humanities.

Interestingly, Google and Apple made the top 10 in each of the categories, while a couple of companies with poor reputations—JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs—made the top the list.

Here’s the top ten in the business category:

1. Google
2. Apple
3. Walt Disney Company
4. Ernst & Young
5. Deloitte
6. JPMorgan
7. Nike
8. PwC
9. Goldman Sachs

Do the companies on this list lend support to the idea that millennials are playing it too safe?

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