The 12 most annoying workplace habits

We’re talking to you, Mr. Tuna Fish Sandwich.

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Well, because we’re human, and humans are mostly annoying. (Smiles.) Like the guy who sits in next cube and—you know—fiddles with his nose a bit too much. C’mon, no one has a cold 365 days a year, and no one’s allergies are that bad. But I digress from the mostly annoying to the overwhelmingly gross. Back to annoying.

We’ve all had workmates who are annoying, so I took a quick poll to come up with the 12 most annoying workplace habits. It got a bit graphic, so this list has been edited somewhat, lest we offend anyone. Such is the risk of cataloging truly annoying behavior.

1. Loud talking

Maybe it’s the boss bellowing on the interoffice intercom. Maybe it’s the stage-whispered cell phone conversations with a recruiter. Maybe it’s the clown who stands outside your office and talks about his cats. For a long time.

People who haven’t figured out what “inside voice” means need to go back to kindergarten. Be kind and keep your voice down when you’re in the office. And trust me: No one really wants to listen in on your sotto-voce conversations. They’re too worried about their own lives.

2. Reheating last night’s salmon in the microwave

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