The 20 most ‘loyal’ brands on Facebook

Fans of these organizations are more likely to recommend the brand to their friends, according to a recent survey.

A Jonas brother once tweeted about a brand I work on. We saw a greater influx of fans in the hour that followed than we had the entire previous year.

Did those Jonas fans become loyal fans? Probably not. But who cares, right?

Well, once you take a look at LoudDoor’s list of the 20 brands with the most loyal Facebook fans, you might change your mind. LoudDoor, a Facebook marketing developer, recently unveiled its new product Brand Satisfaction, which tracks every major brand on Facebook and how likely fans are to recommend those brands to friends.

Based on that criteria, LoudDoor compiled this list of what it calls the most “loyal” brands on Facebook:

1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
2. Facebook
3. Google
4. Walt Disney World
6. Xbox
7. Starbucks Frappuccino
8. Google Chrome
9. Duncan Hines
10. Adobe Photoshop
11. Tim Hortons
12. Hershey’s
13. In-N-Out Burger
14. Dove Chocolates
15. NFL
16. Portillo’s
18. Disneyland
19. Dollar Tree
20. AMC Theatre

We tell our clients all the time: Forget about the fans you don’t have—focus on making remarkable experiences for the ones you currently have.


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