The 3 best—and 3 worst—ads of Super Bowl XLVII

For our money, Audi thrilled, Beck’s fizzled, Go Daddy grossed us out, and more. What do you think?

Super Bowl XLVII was so electric it blew a fuse.

The 49ers made a dramatic comeback. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco turned in an MVP performance (and dropped an F-bomb on national TV). Beyoncé thrilled at the halftime show.

But what about the commercials? This year, they cost advertisers a record $4 million for a 30-second block of time. Were they as good as the game?

Here are PR Daily‘s picks for the best—and worst—commercials of Super Bowl XLVII:

The worst:


Maybe the brand was just testing out its beta version.

Go Daddy

Are we the only ones who gagged on their Rotel dip a little during this one?

Wonderful Pistachios

Would have a been more wonderful four or five months ago when the creative team probably first thought of the idea.

The best:


A lot like our prom night—only we drove there in an ’89 Mazda without a radio.

Best Buy

Our only question: Where’s Tina Fey?

Taco Bell

I can’t believe they didn’t get carded heading into the club.


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