The 5 mistakes press release writers make

Committing these errors will sink the visibility of your release, which hurts your client, your company and, ultimately, you.

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That said, we can agree that the last few years—heck, the last few months—have seen tremendous change in how information is consumed. To ensure your press releases are effective in reaching today’s wired audiences, avoid these common mistakes that can sink your message’s visibility.

The five mistakes press release writers make:

1. Lack of focus. Many writers try to cram too many themes into one message, with the intent of appealing to multiple audiences.

Why it’s a problem: People seek specific information, and search engines reward it. Unfocused content is likely to fall by the wayside in social networks, going unshared. Furthermore, search engine algorithms—which are designed to analyze on-page content and categorize the information accordingly—are likely to conclude the content is effectively about “nothing” when the focus is too watered down.

2. Unnatural writing. From the “speed bump” that starts many press releases (for example: “Company Name, a global innovator and provider of world-class end-to-end turnkey solutions for ….”) to stilted quotes from execs declaring their excitement about some sort of mumbo-jumbo, many press releases are the antitheses of natural, interesting writing.

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