The 5 worst media disasters in May—recorded for posterity

The month had more than flowers in store for media figures. It also had a Palin gaffe, an unfortunate four-letter word, an interview walk-off, and more.

This month’s list proves why you shouldn’t call women “sluts” (as if you needed another reason); why you shouldn’t speak before you have the facts; and why you shouldn’t storm off an interview just because you’re having a bad day.

5. Sarah Palin still can’t name a journalist.
Seriously, Sarah Palin? You’ve had three years since your infamous Katie Couric interview, and you still can’t answer a softball question about journalism? Instead of drafting speeches about “blood libel,” you might consider a remedial course on the basics.

4. Guest storms off Fox News—for no reason at all.
Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg seemed completely thrown by his opposing guest, and it’s hard to understand why—the debate was an ordinary cable-news shout fest. Instead of just making his point, Rosenberg told his opponent to “shut up.” Although he got roughly half the talk time and was given the floor by the host, he ripped off his earpiece and walked off the set.

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