The 6 psychological triggers behind viral content

Luck doesn’t make content go viral; certain psychological triggers in your audience do. This infographic explains.

Your boss or client barges into your office and demands a viral video or Facebook post.

You start to sweat. How can you make that happen? How can you get people to emphatically click the share button when they see your content?

An infographic from has the answer. It describes why people are inclined to share certain types of content, and lists six internal triggers that encourage people to share. Here are a few of them:

1. Social currency

People like to share things that make them look good. Give your audience content that will make them look smart or feel like an insider, and they will be inclined to share it.

2. Emotion

Have you ever read an article that was hilarious, shocking or inspiring, and then proceeded to send it to your friends and family? If someone has a strong emotional response to a piece of content, he will be more likely to share it.

3. Practical value

The more useful a piece of content is the more people will want to share it. Have you ever noticed how quickly discounts or articles about the best such-and-such circle the Web?

4. Storytelling

When a product comes with a story, it is easier for people to remember. People will talk about products or brands that are part of a larger narrative.

Check out the full graphic for more on how to make your content go viral:

(View a larger image.)

Kristin Piombino is the associate editor of


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