The 7 words you should never use in an email subject line

At least if you want someone to open it.

Are you sending emails after lunch?

Bad idea, says a new study.

The best time to send an email—if you want someone to, you know, open and read it—is around 6 a.m., according to research from Baydin, which makes the email plugin Boomerang.

The company analyzed its database of more than 5 million messages and came up with some useful insights about email communication, among them the words that you should—and should not—include in your subject lines.

The best words to provoke a response are:

1. Apply
2. Opportunity
3. Demo
4. Connect
5. Payments
6. Conference
7. Cancellation

And the words that likely won’t get you a response:

1. Confirm
2. Join
3. Assistance
4. Speaker
5. Press
6. Social
7. Invite

I wouldn’t recommend eliminating these words from your subject lines if they’re working for you. But if you’re looking to give your emails a shot in the arm, it might serve you well to at least try the recommendations in this infographic:

(via Mashable)


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