The 8 most annoying social media personalities

You know them: They rant, post trivial updates, or just plain creep you out. It’s OK to avoid them. Step away from the keyboard.

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However, some people intentionally or unintentionally abuse social media, inflicting negativity, anxiety, and unhappiness on others.

Without further ado, let me present the eight most annoying personalities on social media:

1. The enthusiastic stranger

This type wants to chat with you so much that he or she will ask about your hobby, your occupation, the name of your pet, your parents, where you like to go on your next vacation, and so on to infinity. He or she will just keep on “building the rapport” with you to a point where it gets a little freaky. Best way to deal with enthusiastic strangers? Block them.

2. The ‘every day is a bad day’ ranter

Don’t let negative people bring you down. The ranter complains about everything under the sun; negativity can sour your mood, so avoid the ranter as much as possible. Help if you can, but try not to be brought down in the process.

3. The anonymous stalker

Though we have heard from a lot of people saying that social media means that we are more open now, you still have to keep a little bit of privacy and space for yourself. Parents of children and young teens, beware.

4. The shadow backstabber

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