The art of getting retweets

You’ve built a following, but are they relaying your message? This infographic can help.

Every brand with a Twitter account wants retweets. And all Twitter users—whether they’ll admit it or not—also really want retweets. But how do you get the masses to press that magical “retweet” button?

First of all, there’s a sweet spot for the amount of characters your tweet should have—anywhere from 70 to 100.

You should also include a link and a relevant hashtag, as those tend to get more retweets.

If you’re blatant about soliciting retweets, you’ll be happy to know that the phrase “please retweet” has a 51 percent retweet rate. But nobody’s that desperate. Are they?

For more on how to get retweets, check out the infographic “The Art of Getting Retweets” below:



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