The average Facebook user is getting older—and more masculine

A new report reveals the shifting demographics of Facebook users, as well as the evolution of brands on the social network since 2010.

The average Facebook user is older than in previous years and more likely to be a male.

According to new data from SocialBakers, Facebook users are 53 percent male and 47 percent female. The trend has been skewing more male since 2010, when the site was 51 percent female.

The average age in 2010 was 29.53, and is now 30.11.

SocialBakers says in its report on the changing landscape of Facebook that “the once student-oriented social network is progressively becoming a network for everyone, even for families and older people who are effectively becoming more computer literate and social media savvy.”

The top brands on the social networking site have varied over the years. Starbucks and Coca-Cola have remained among the top five brands in terms of number of fans. Currently, Red Bull, Disney, and Converse round out the top five.

Check out the evolution of top brands (which included Nutella and Pringles in 2010) in this infographic:


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