The best and worst paying fast food companies

Workers at restaurants are calling for better pay. Some are walking out. How low is too low?

It’s been a trying week for fast food franchises across the country.

They’re feeling the heat from mounting walkout strikes organized by workers demanding better wages and the right to unionize.

The strikes, which gained traction in May, have spread to at least seven cities, the efforts reignited by what many believed to be McDonald’s inadvertently showing that it’s impossible to live off of minimum wage.

The debate places an industry already notorious for low pay and high turnover rates under more scrutiny.

So exactly how much are the top fast food companies paying employees?

Business Insider recently reached out to Glassdoor to find out which fast food workers have the biggest bones to pick with their employers. Given that most of the companies on the list pay an average somewhere around $8 an hour, the proposed $15 an hour is a supersized increase, twice as much as what many earn now, and well above what even the highest-paying company, In-N-Out Burger, offers.

Here are the average wages from best to worst:

1. In-N-Out Burger ($10.53)
2. Chipotle ($8.57)
3. Panera Bread ($8.36)
4. Noodles & Company ($8.29)
5. Jamba Juice ($8.18)
6. Subway ($7.98)
7. Chick-Fil-A ($7.96)
8. Dairy Queen ($7.92)
9. McDonald’s ($7.81)
10. Dunkin Donuts ($7.82)
11. Burger King ($7.72)
12. Wendy’s ($7.39)
13. Taco Bell ($7.37)

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