The best distribution channels for your content

Follow this formula to ensure your content reaches as many people as possible.

Creating strong, compelling content is just the beginning of your job.

Once you have your content, you have to distribute it so it reaches your audience.

Column Five Media created an infographic to demonstrate how different distribution channels can help spread your content far and wide. The infographic recommends mixing owned, earned and paid media. Here’s what each involves:

Owned media: This includes the channels you own—a blog, website, newsletter or social media profiles. Consumers exposed to a brand’s website purchased almost three times more than consumers who only saw a brand’s digital ad.

Earned media: This includes anything third-party publishers pick up, and adds credibility to your content. Ninety-two percent of customers trust earned media more than any other type of advertising.

Paid media: This includes any coverage you pay for, like native advertising and content discovery platforms such as StumbleUpon. Since you’re paying for coverage, paid media provides a highly targeted, guaranteed audience.

There are more details in the infographic:

(View a larger image.) ​


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