The Lululemon yoga pants crisis deepens

Was the retailer caught in a lie about why it recalled a batch of its signature black yoga pants?

The world let out a collective gasp on Tuesday when it learned that Lululemon recalled a batch of its signature black yoga pants, resulting in a shortage.

And by gasp, we mean more of a chuckle.

But it appears there’s more to the story, and the new details could make this a PR crisis for the trendy clothier.

Lululemon said it recalled the luon pants because they were too sheer. The company cast blame for the too-sheer pants on its manufacturer in Taiwan. In a FAQ posted to its website, Lululemon said the problem is “not the result of changing manufacturers or quality of ingredients.”

The company also said in a blog post, “We are working with our supplier to replace this fabric and other manufacturers to replenish the affected core items as fast as we can.”

However, the manufacturer, Eclat Textile Company, said Lululemon OK’d the shipment that was later recalled. The company’s CEO also told The Wall Street Journal that Lululemon had not contacted the company.

It appears someone isn’t telling the truth.

The Atlantic Wire is calling this a “yoga pants scandal.”

Indeed, the plot has thickened (instead of the pants).

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