The perfect Facebook post: A blueprint

The perfect Facebook post is an elusive beast that is spotted frequently in the wild. Thankfully, it can be reproduced in captivity. Learn how.

Writing the perfect post is important for any Facebook page administrator, regardless of industry, business, or brand. Not only are Facebook posts a crucial part of a Facebook page, but also they are what a page’s followers (and their friends) see in the News Feed are key to enticing (and maintaining) engagement.

When it comes to writing the perfect Facebook post, it can seem like part skill, part rocket science, and part random luck. Ever tried a post or photo that’s purely experimental and had engagement shoot through the roof? We certainly have (psst—people love cats. Period. End of story.)

If you manage a Facebook page (or several), experimentation is fun—but you need a more consistent content strategy. The perfect Facebook post includes a number of elements, including:

• A call to action that points to another Facebook element, a website, or a blog.
Targeting to a specific country, language, or other parameters.
• An image.
Mobile-friendly language and visuals (photos or video).

If you need a cheat sheet, Salesforce’s Jennifer Burnham created an explanatory infographic that details the above tips (and more).

The key to a successful Facebook presence doesn’t stop once you’ve hit “Post.” Keep an eye on Facebook insights to see what percentage of your page’s audience sees the post, as well as the number of comments, “likes,” and shares it generates. That way, when you find a format or information that resonates with your fans, you can periodically implement similar updates as part of your Facebook content strategy.

Also, you may want to try using a Facebook calendar spreadsheet to track your content on a monthly basis. If your page is retail-based, this can be especially helpful as you plan content around sales, promotions and new products. Plus, you can make quick notes about audience response to various posts so that you know what works (and what doesn’t) for your page.

What sort of content or post format works best for your Facebook page? Have you had any surprises in terms of a post or photo that unexpectedly drove a high amount of traffic?

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Katy Ryan Schamberger is chief content officer at V3 Integrated Marketing in Kansas City. She is a former newspaper writer and magazine editor. A version of this story first appeared on the V3 blog.


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