The Super Bowl, by the numbers

Millions will be watching the score during the big game, but for many PR and marketing pros, some of the most interesting figures are already in.

The Denver Broncos will play the Seattle Seahawks Feb. 2 in American sports’ most anticipated event—the Super Bowl. But surrounding the game are some eye popping numbers. Whether it’s gallons of beer consumed on Super Bowl Sunday (325 million), chicken wings scarfed (1.25 billion) or how much some morons are going to pay for a ticket ($3,000 to $14,000), this is a day to celebrate all things America … and stats! (via CS Monitor) We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ancillary Super Bowl numbers in one handy post:

• Percentage of Midwesterners who prefer to dip their wings in ranch instead of bleu cheese: 65 percent (National Chicken Council) • Pizzas sold: 15 million (Pizza Today) • This year’s Super Bowl ad spot: $4 million (CS Monitor) • Crummy hotel room in West Orange, NJ: $1,000 (Bleacher Report) • Vegas bets on Super Bowl outcomes: $100 million (Nevada Gaming Control Board) • Amount of money spent on beer in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl: $1.01 billion (Nielson) • Rise in 7-Eleven’s antacid sales the day after the Super Bowl: 20 percent ( • Pounds of avocado used for guacamole: 71 million (

USA Today will again be using its Super Bowl Ad Meter to gauge consumer reaction to advertisements in real time. From Adweek:

Like last year, voters will weigh in at USA Today‘s password-protected Ad Meter hub for all ads that air from the coin toss to the end of the game, including those that air during halftime. The winning ad will be revealed shortly after the game ends Feb. 2, and complete results and rankings will appear online and in USA Today‘s print edition Feb. 3.

No matter who wins and loses, just remember there’s no bigger loser than Modell’s Sporting Goods, which invested half a million dollars in New England Patriots AFC Championship gear.

Because the Patriots lost, it will all be donated to a third-world country, according to the Boston Herald.


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