The top 5 ‘dream jobs’

LinkedIn asked its members to identify their childhood dreams and say whether they’ve reached those dreams as adults.

Are you working in your dream job?

That’s what LinkedIn sought to determine when it asked 8,000 of its members to name their childhood dream jobs and whether their current job matches it.

Turns out, one-third of LinkedIn members said they either hold that job or work in a career related to it. The top characteristic of a dream job, as mentioned by more than 70 percent of respondents, is “taking pleasure in your work,” followed by “helping others,” which only grabbed eight percent.

A mere six percent mentioned “high salary”—no surprise given the top five dream jobs cited by men and women. With the exception of one or two careers on the list, the earning potential for these jobs is modest.

Spoiler Alert: PR and marketing professional did not make the cut.


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