The U.S. tweets more than any other country

Too bad tweeting isn’t an Olympic sport. Plus, BP billboards vandalized in London, Facebook eyes a challenge with LinkedIn, a ‘bikini’ onesie riles parents, and more.

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When it comes to this year’s Summer Olympics, we’re familiar with such mainstay events as swimming, track and field, volleyball, and gymnastics—but tweeting? We wish. According to a new study from the Oxford Internet Institute, Team USA would easily capture the gold. The study found that America tweets more than any other country. Taking home the silver and bronze: Brazil and Indonesia, respectively.

Meanwhile, marketers will be busy when the London Games kick off at month’s end, with Coca-Cola, GE, McDonald’s, OMEGA, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, and Visa all preparing for sports’ biggest stage. Advertising Age reports what the sponsors have in store.

Still, not all Olympic sponsors are feeling the love. Case in point: BP. The “Official Fuel and Gas Provider” of the Games has already seen its billboards vandalized.

It seems Facebook is also getting in the spirit of competition, just not on a patriotic level. The social network might soon be taking on LinkedIn with reports of its own job board.

Something tells me this report about a new prototype for the anticipated iPhone 5 is about as erroneous as it gets. If you like spiders, though, it’s still a cool idea.

And judging by box office numbers, we definitely like spiders. Not only did “The Amazing Spider-Man” bring in a record-breaking $35 million in the U.S. and Canada on its opening day—the best Tuesday opening ever for a movie—but also the film grossed an additional $115 million through the weekend. And that doesn’t even include the $201 million it made overseas.

A reboot of a movie franchise is one thing. Rebooting a doll is quite another. Still, the manufacturer of Furby hopes its jazzier new model will bring buyers out in droves for its September rollout, and the toymaker is banking on features such as LCD eyes, movable limbs, touch-enabled sensors, and even iPad-enabled interaction to do the trick.

Even Comedy Central is getting in on the merchandising action. According to The New York Times, the network will announce this week its plans to establish a business division, creating and selling products much the same way as Disney.

Whatever the network does, it should be advised against selling baby gear like this bikini onesie that features the silhouette of a woman in a two-piece. Some of us might think it’s funny, but many parents aren’t laughing.
Speaking of parents, Skype has allowed deployed soldiers to be present for the birth of their children even when overseas.

It’s an innovative concept to imagine, unless you’re among those who made this year’s Creativity 50, a list of the most influential minds and personalities around the globe.

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