The ultimate list of blog post ideas

This infographic from DigitalMarketer includes lots of suggestions to kickstart you on your next piece of content.

What if I told you that you never have to face writers block again?

The days of staring blankly at a white Microsoft Word screen are over, and it’s all thanks to “The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas.”

We’ve hooked you up with some pretty useful infographics these past few years, but I can’t think of a more useful one. This infographic shares 55 ideas—55!—to get you started with blog posts.

The list takes you from the super common posts such as lists, how-tos, case studies and definition posts to the less common (yet still effective) attack posts, satire posts, meme posts and challenge posts, with descriptions of each, and some advice along the way.

The way we consume information on the Web is phenomenally different than in print—that’s certainly no secret. Thus, your ideas for blog posts should reflect this change in sentiment and reading behavior.

The following infographic from DigitalMarketer is a great place to start. (Click here for a larger image.)


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