The ultimate resource guide for PR interns

Whether you’re starting an internship soon or still looking for one—or employing interns—these 15 resources will help guide you through the experience.

Like many professions these days, the PR field is one in which internships are key to post-graduate employment—if not required. It’s a competitive industry, and every last bit of experience on a résumé helps.

In roughly six weeks, spring semester at most colleges and universities will end and internship season will begin. (Of course, some internship programs span the year, but summer is the busy season.) Are you ready?

To help prepare you, we dove into our archives and found 15 of our best stories about interns and the companies that put them to work. Read them now or tuck them aside. Either way, they’ll help guide you through the experience. Good luck.

In search of an internship

How to land the PR internship of your dreams. If you’re still looking for a summer internship—better hurry—discover how to find the ideal gig.

20 tips for mastering an internship interview. Once you’ve found that internship, make sure you land it.

Got the internship

50 tips for a successful internship. Consider this tip sheet a primer for success.

12 dos and don’ts for PR interns. This advice from an internship director at one university will help you avoid awkwardness and catch the eye of your superiors—in a good way.

5 words for PR interns to live by. After overseeing his company’s internship program, the author offers this essential advice.

Top 5 tips for PR interns—from an intern. Who better to tell you about the experience than someone who’s gone through it?

12 tips from employers for acing PR internships. And who better to tell you how to excel at interning than the people who have employed them?

Interns, don’t get overwhelmed—follow these 7 tips. When the internship starts to stress you out—and chances are, it will stress you out at some point—consult these soothing tips.

Virtual internships: How they work at one firm. A few of you might have a remote internship. They’re far less common, but some firms are trying them out. Here’s how it worked at one company.

Your internship is terrible. Now what? Consider this is the “Break Glass In Case of Emergency” sort of advice.

9 things to do at the end of your internship. File this story away for when your experience starts to wind down.

9 tips for turning an internship into a full-time job. In other words, here’s how to keep the party going all year long.

Some advice for employers

3 questions that interns might ask.
In case this is your first time providing an internship, arm yourself with the answers to these commonly asked questions.

8 steps to happier PR interns.
Unhappy interns will make the summer more stressful—and no one wants that.

And for the non-interns

No internship? Here are five (other) ways to land a job. Don’t panic if you can’t find an internship; there are other options.

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