#TheDailySpin: 100 percent of PR Daily readers want to click here (study)

OK, we inflated the figure a bit, but we were inspired by creators of the new Twitter account, @FakePewResearch. Plus, people really dislike this eBay commercial; Michele Bachmann gets flash mobbed; and Ferris Bueller heads to Wrigley Field.

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Unfortunately for eBay, people believe in its new commercial about as much as they would if I told you four out of five dentists recommended chewing on pieces of copper to strengthen your teeth and gums. Just check out the likes vs. dislikes on the video—230 vs. 7070 (at last check), respectively. Do you buy it? (via Copyranter)

For anything people actually want to buy, they probably shouldn’t reach for their Google Wallet just yet to pay for it. As Mashable notes, it’s probably a few more years before the new technological payment service is adopted everywhere.

That’s too bad for travelers. Thanks to services like FLYSmart, navigating the terminal to the nearest Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop has never been easier.

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