#TheDailySpin: In 60 seconds on Facebook …

There are more than half a million comments—or so says this infographic. Plus, YouTube takes orbit, Dr Pepper takes on men, a celebrity endorsement fail, and an organic approach to advertising.

According to this infographic from the Canada-based agency Popcorn, more than half a million comments are posted to Facebook in just one minute. Sixty seconds?! That’s faster than Angelina Jolie can steal a car. Stealing someone’s husband on the other hand … (via Digital Trends)

Another social media site, YouTube, launched a new contest for students to submit a video of a science experiment. But the winners get more than some lousy ribbon. They get to see their experiment tested aboard the International Space Center.

Something that women don’t get to see: The Facebook app for Dr Pepper Ten, the new diet 10-calorie soda aimed at men. The ad campaign proclaims, “It’s not for women.” (via Associated Press)

Something that no one can see: Qwikster, the DVD-by-mail service from Netflix. The company overturned its decision to separate its streaming video and DVD services, with a statement issued Monday from CEO Reed Hastings claiming the company moved “too fast.” But, as we noted earlier, the rest of the world’s reactions have people’s heads hurting.

Speaking of headaches, you might want to be wary of using celebrities to endorse your products. Case in point: Yankee Alex Rodriguez goes just a little too coconuts.

Also be wary of the creepy bunny. (via Ads of the World)

And in observance of Columbus Day, we went out in discovery of something new and organic for you guys. Unfortunately, this is all we could find. It’s certainly organic—and it might make you feel good—but it’s completely unnecessary.


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