Too much email marketing could lead to resentment: study

Unsolicited email messages was a chief cause of consumers disliking a brand, according to a recent report.

If you use email marketing, don’t overdo it.

That’s the message from marketing and customer intelligence firm Emailvision, which found that 75 percent of respondents would “resent a brand after being bombarded by emails.”

Meanwhile, among those with reason to resent a brand, 71 percent cited unsolicited email messages as the reason.

Getting the gender or name wrong in the email was also cause for resentment, according to the study.

Emailvision Director Neil Hamilton had this to say in a press release:

“When a visitor interacts with your online business, they are giving you their data in exchange for a relevant experience with your brand. If a business doesn’t choose to make use of this data correctly, they are missing out on important knowledge that could positively or negatively impact business for years to come.”

More than 2,000 adults responded to the online survey administered by YouGov.

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