Tweet like a pro: 8 Twitter tools to try

From giving your tweets a longer life to turning them into blog posts, these tools will make your tweeting more efficient.

There are plenty of reasons to join Twitter. I have had amazing experiences with it, and it is by far the most valuable social network for me to use.

What I like best about Twitter is its open structure—not only for users, but also for developers. It has grown to an ecosystem of more than 1.5 million apps, and registers a new tool every second.

With this massive amount of apps, it can be overwhelming to know which tools to use. Here are the tools I use daily to make me more efficient. They will get you tweeting like a pro.

1. Buffer: Tweet with better results

Whenever I read an article, I wasn’t sure whether tweeting it right then was a good idea. It might have been very early in the morning or late at night.

By putting all your tweets into Buffer, the tool will post your tweets for you at the optimal times, spaced out over the day. You can add tweets to Buffer right from the article with the browser extensions with just one click.

Pro tip: Buffer provides analytics for each tweet you post. You will learn about the number of clicks, retweets and reach right inside the app.

2. Twylah: Give your tweets a longer life

A tweet’s lifespan is very limited. If you want to prolong its life, Twylah is a wonderful way to do it.

The app automatically displays all the tweets from your stream on a beautiful Twitter brand page. It gives your followers a chance to learn about the topics you tweet without having to study your Twitter stream.

Pro tip: You can send a “power tweet,” which allows you to post a tweet to a Twylah page. This page is surrounded by a lot of other relevant content and has shown to considerably increase engagement with a tweet.

3. MarketMeSuite: Your powerful social media dashboard

MarketMeSuite recently made its service free for everyone. It boasts a ton of great features that make it worth trying. You can create reply campaigns, pull in RSS feeds, and compare the Klout scores of the users you interact with. You can also collaborate with others through the app’s multiple-user setting.

Pro tip: What I like best about MarketMeSuite is that it explains all of its features in comprehensible videos as soon as you sign up for it.

4. Tweriod: Find your best times to tweet

Ever wondered which times of the day would be the best for you to tweet? Look no further. Tweriod gives you a wonderful analysis of when you will be able to reach the most followers. The app takes into account how well your tweets perform at various times and when your followers tweet the most.

Pro tip: What I like best about Tweriod is that the algorithm excludes Twitter tools that schedule tweets or auto-tweet, as this obviously means your followers aren’t online.

5. Twilert: Google Alerts for Twitter

This is an app I suggest you try if you continually monitor a brand or search term on Twitter. Similar to Google Alerts, Twilert can set up any term and notify you of any activity on Twitter about it.

This is particularly helpful if you can’t spend too much time on Twitter each day, yet need a daily digest email to stay informed.

Pro tip: If you give it a go, take a look at the great filtering options that range from mood to languages to dates.

6. TweetWally: Turn tweets into blog posts

TweetWally is a wonderful solution to bring life back to your tweets. You can take your own stream, do a search or follow a hashtag, and make beautiful collections of any tweets you find valuable. This can be very useful if you are following an important event or conference.

Pro tip: Once you make your collection, you can easily embed all the tweets into a blog post and offer it as an innovative piece of content for your readers.

7. ParrotFish: Get more insight into tweets

ParrotFish from labs is a wonderful productivity tool that will save you a lot of time. It displays all links from the tweets you come across with rich text preview. This means you can read the post from the link before clicking through.

I found this to be a great way to stay focused on reading news and not getting distracted by clicking on posts that aren’t worth my time.

Pro tip: The Chrome extension comes with a functionality to save items to Instapaper directly from This is a huge efficiency boost for me.

8. TweetLevel: Connect with the right people

While building your network on Twitter, it is often key to make the people you engage with relevant and impactful for your niche.

TweetLevel offers a wonderful solution to search other Twitter users by a number of different parameters. For example, you can search by influence, trust, engagement or popularity. It is then very easy to follow and start talking to these people right from the app.

Pro tip: You can also search by topics and keywords. This will give you a display of graphs and pie charts around a topic.

These are the top eight tools that put Twitter to work for me. They all allow me to do things faster and more efficiently, yet still require me to be active—not on auto-pilot.

Do you think these apps can help you improve your tweeting?

Leo Widrich is co-founder of Buffer. A version of this article originally ran on


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