Tweets now appear in Google’s mobile search results

The companies announced that information from Twitter will now appear when people search for hashtags and other keywords on their mobile devices. The feature will also soon be available on desktop. 

It’s becoming even more crucial for brands to keep company Twitter feeds current and relevant now that Google is beefing up search within the platform.

The two companies announced this week that tweets and accounts have begun surfacing in mobile searches. A quick search for the brand I manage in the Google app on my iPhone found that the second result (after our website) was a timeline of my brand’s tweets.

You’ll also be able to search for hashtags on Google and get tweets around trending topics.

In a post on Google’s blog, senior product manager Ardan Arac says, “It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.”

Mashable calls the move “a key part of [Twitter’s] strategy to attract more users” by targeting people who aren’t necessarily using the platform.

Similar changes will also take effect on Google’s web browsers.


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