Twitter devours National Cheeseburger Day offerings

Social media sizzled with discounts and promotions as users and retailers shared their favorite beef creations. Here are the tweets that really cut the mustard.

Many people don’t need an excuse to slam a beef patty smothered in cheese into a toasted bun—but the holiday was an excuse to shout your cravings from the rooftops.

The Twitterverse was a USDA prime channel for sharing burger-related messages.

Some offered their favorite burger spot:

Many posted mouthwatering photos:

Some added moving elements:

Others shared rather grotesque images:

Restaurants speak up

For brand managers looking to join the action, a tweet was an easy way to go:

Restaurants were giving away free burgers—and other food items:

Some brand managers showcased their patriotism:

Others shared user-generated content:

Some decided to sweeten the pot for their burger giveaway:

Instagram and Facebook, too

Instagram also saw promotions and beautiful photos of beef patties laden with melted cheese:

Others got the conversation going on Facebook:

What do you think of these promotions—and how do you take your burger?

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