Twitter exchange between MoonPie and Wendy’s grabs kudos

Many consumers tuned in to watch a friendly exchange of compliments, visuals and brand mottos between the two food companies.

Wendy’s—and consumers—were over the moon (pie) after a recent conversation between two brands’ social media teams.

On Wednesday, MoonPie kicked off the interaction with this tweet:

Wendy’s—which has a reputation for endearing millennial consumers by dishing up snark as well as its burgers—responded in kind:

The interaction continued, with consumers tuning in to like, comment and retweet the posts:

MoonPie even steered the conversation into more blatant marketing waters:

Then Wendy’s upped the ante by adding visuals to the conversation:

Twitter users loved the light-hearted interaction, and many responded with tweets such as these:

Along with their interaction, Wendy’s and MoonPie responded to individual consumers who tweeted their appreciation:

MoonPie’s social media team also had no problem joking around with other brands’ social media managers who wanted to grab their 15 minutes of online spotlight. Here’s an interaction the team had with GIF app, GifJif:

Here’s another interaction MoonPie shared with Funko:

PR and marketing pros can take a lesson from this online engagement win and embrace casual, light-hearted interactions and social media posts—provided that it fits your brand voice. More brand managers are taking a casual approach to social media interactions, and this isn’t MoonPie’s first attempt at humor on Twitter:

Even if striking a casual tone doesn’t fit with your brand voice, communicators can also take a nod from this success: Respond to consumers online, whether it’s a compliment, concern or joke. Doing so can increase brand loyalty and build your social media following, which can help increase your marketing messages’ reach.

It’s also important to note that MoonPie has roughly 189,000 Twitter followers, compared to Wendy’s more than 2.3 million Twitter followers—so when starting a conversation online with another brand, aim high. You just might get consumers’ attention—along with a sweet conversation.

What do you think of MoonPie’s moves, PR Daily readers?


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