Twitter lights up after GOP account implies racism is over

The Republican National Committee’s tweet was meant to honor Rosa Parks. It said she had “a role in ending racism.” With that, a hashtag was born.

Sometimes, it’s the stuff you think will be the most innocuous and safe that creates the biggest headaches. Take Sunday’s tweet from the Republican National Committee’s @GOP account, for example:

Most likely, the social media team figured a tweet honoring a pivotal figure in the civil rights movement on the 55th anniversary of her refusing to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Ala., wouldn’t ruffle all that many feathers. But the specific wording of the tweet, the notion that Parks had a part in “ending racism,” set off some alarm bells. “Unfortunately racism still very much exists,” columnist Connor Simpson wrote at The Wire. “In fact, racism exists within the Republican party.”

Rather than delete the tweet, the @GOP account offered this clarification:

It was too little, too late, though. Twitter user @FeministaJones, who has about 16,600 followers, started the hashtag #RacismEndedWhen to poke fun at the RNC’s tweet. It’s proven to be a rather popular hashtag, and BuzzFeed has collected some prime examples, including this one:

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